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Live Entertainment

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416 - 402-0254


Karaoke and Jams

  • Sundays

    3:30pm -7pm 
    Helen's Bar and Grill
    1564 Danforth Road
    Toronto, ON M4J 1N4
  • 8:30pm -12am
    Four Seasons
    430 Dawes Road
    Toronto, ON M4B 2E3
  • Wednesdays

    10pm - 2 am
    King Station Pub
    4528 Kingston Road
    Toronto, Ontario M1E 2N8
  • Thursdays

    6 pm - 9 am 
    TAPPS Bar and Grill 
    5360 Finch Ave E
    Toronto, ON M1B 1T1
  • 10 pm - 2 am
    The Red Fox
    9390 Shepherd Ave E Toronto, ON M1B 5R8 ‎
  • Fridays

    6 pm - 9 pm
    Happyland Markham
    3218 Eglinton Ave East Toronto, Ontario M1J 2H6

    10 pm - 1 am
    Happyland Victoria Park (Victoria Park/Surrey)
  • Saturdays

    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    Happyland Birchmount
    2302 Eglinton Ave East
    Toronto, Ontario M1K 2M2

    9:30pm - 12:30 am
    Happyland - Danforth
    1347 Danforth Road
    Toronto, Ontario M1J 1G7

Want to check if Wayne has a song available? Want to plan your karaoke songs before going to a show? Check out our online song book.

Below please find the current Karaoke Song Book. To access the "Find" feature please press CTRL F and type in search terms. Full screen option is also available in the bottom right of the book. Also at the bottom, clicking the excel icon will enable you to download this book.